Update 6 April 2021 - I am retiring this petition. The reason for this is that I do not have a plan for how to move forward with this campaign. While there are certainly deep issues that need dealing with, I do not believe Melanie Shaw's experiences are going to be the events that expose these.

No news that I am aware of about Melanie has been reported since 2019, and I believe she is still being looked after in Rampton. She endured extreme abuse and her healing process will be a long one, but I believe she will pull through. It will then be her decision of whether to fight for justice. The wider fight against coercive abuses, including child abuse, will continue and there are certainly people all around the world who are engaged in that battle. I am going to be focusing on local politics for the foreseeable future.

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This is a campaign to achieve 2 objectives. The first is to transfer the power of money creation from commercial banks to the state. The second is to allow every citizen of the UK to hold a bank account at the Bank of England.

The purpose of the first objective is to prevent further economic crises and direct all new money towards the real economy, which encompasses the businesses that provide goods or services that the majority of people use or consume regularly.

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