Move Stroud Bus Station

Stroud’s current ‘temporary’ bus station does not have the facilities a bus station should. Proper shelter, waiting room and cafe are examples. A potentially viable alternative site is London Road car park.

While the term ‘bus station’ would be transfered to the new location, the bus stops at Merrywalks would continue to operate. Should this proposal go ahead it would be of importance to take into account those who currently appreciate the location of these stops, in order that as few disruptions as possible are made to bus users’ current routines.

Additionally, as part of a new bus station development at London Road car park, pedestrian access from it to the town centre and the train station would be developed.

If the possibility of a new bus station in the location of London road car park is to be further explored support is needed from Stroud residents. Support can be offered by signing the petition.

A report which gives more detail on the status of this campaign can be read by following this link.

The idea for this campaign was given to me by local businessman Bryan Billau.